Southfields Academy

At Southfields Academy we are achievement focused in all aspects of academy life. We are in the top percentile of schools nationally for value-added results. We have a positive ethos with an emphasis on teaching and learning. Our curriculum is wide and varied and provides young people with remarkable opportunities to study, develop their skills and, more importantly, enjoy learning. We offer a wide range of courses. Of course, we offer the traditional academic subjects, but in addition to this we offer vocational and work-related courses that can prepare and equip our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities for their chosen careers.


Nursery @ Aspire

Places for children from 3 months to 5 years. The Nursery@Aspire is part of the wider Southfields Academy umbrella which has the fotune of sharing the excellent facilities with the Academy. The curriculum Nursery@Aspire provides will give any child the perfect start to school life and will provide an excellent base on which to build on.

Southfields Teaching School Alliance

We as a Teaching School Alliance are united by the desire to provide the very best support for our teachers and creating the very best opportunities for our students. We are committed to collaboration, innovation and achievement. The Alliance has local primary, secondary and special schools within it, but has extended its outreach pan-London to include schools from Merton, Kingston, Southwark, Hounslow, Brent and Greenwich. We have begun to work with independent schools and look to extend our partnerships in this area this year.

Wandsworth School Games

The aim of our programme is to encourage every pupil in Wandsworth to participate regularly in High Quality Sporting Competions through the new School Games programme. Southfields Academy has been at the forefront of providing school sport in Wandsworth and across Central London since 2000. As a Sports College and host of the Wandsworth School Sport Partnership, Southfeilds has been held up as an example of excellent pratice both locally & nationally. At present there are 12 Secondary Schools, 51 Primary Schools and 7 Special Schools involved in the School Games making it one of the largest in the country.